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Qualified Facilitator | Jamie Oliver’s Learn Your Fruit & Vege

Proudly a part of the Jamie Oliver facilitator team that visits children in schools and education centres around Australia teaching them about food and healthier options.

Jamie Oliver, “At its simplest the program teaches kids recipes that will help save their lives. It’s really fun, it’s dynamic, and it can be done with or without cooking equipment. We’ve designed it to help kids and parents, but also schools because it complements the Aussie curriculum.”


Let your company be part of the ripple effect of food! Interested in increasing the (mental) wellbeing of your employees? Read more…


Stress is part of modern life. Chronic stress can cause serious health problems. Talk to us to combat stress related health issues in our ‘one-on-one’ sessions. Read more…

I assist people and companies around the world and throughout Australia. With today’s technology, I can be there with you every step of the way. Workshops and one-on-one sessions are available via Skype. Contact me to book…

I deliver a wide range of workshops & programs focused on nutrition, work place wellness, stress, children’s nutrition as a Jamie Oliver Facilitator and I also put together tailored workshops for your employees, classes or group. Enquire here…

Writer | Online Publication

I enjoy being a part of the online wellness movement Towards a Better You. I write regular articles about health, nutrition, wellness, stress and lifestyle.

About Susan


Susan Stein | Nutritionist

Susan has a Bachelor degree in International Business and a Bachelor degree in Health Science, Nutritional Medicine. Her experiences ranges from International sales within the IT industry to interim manager in the European Centre for Macrobiotics. As a former Sales Manager, Susan knows how to motivate and engage people. Originally from the Netherlands, after her travels in Africa, she now resides in Australia with her husband and two daughters. Susan is the founder and creator of the ‘Ripple Effect of Food’ program.

ANTA Accreditation | Qualified Practitioner

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Being a member of ANTA means that the practitioner has completed an accredited degree and practices according to the guidelines of said organisation. The guidelines are set to ensure the public receives health care according to the highest standard, and protect their health and safety. These guidelines also insure that the practitioner promotes informed health care choices.