Are health programs a waste of money?

We live in an interesting time, for the first time ever there is so much research available which links lifestyle to morbidity and mortality, where we cannot deny that implementing modifiable factors like nutrition, exercise and self-development, have a positive effect on our (mental) wellbeing. And it doesn’t take much to imagine that adapting these […]

Rainbow Trout Pasta

Rainbow Trout Pasta As supplements go, fish oil is very popular, with even our supermarkets selling them by the bucket. The problem with these cheaper brands is that the production and storage may have caused the fish oil to oxidise. Now, oxidized fish oil does more harm in your body than good, so always be […]

Parsnip, a sure sign of winter!

This week’s arrival of my ‘Vegetable Medley box’ of Farm Fresh Organics came with a ‘winter arrival’: Beautiful organic parsnip! This hardy creamy coloured root vegetable is indigenous to Eurasia where it has been enjoyed for over thousands of years, not only for taste but also medicinal purposes: they were used to treat stomach aches […]

Anti-inflammatory foods

[wr_image link_type=”no_link” image_container_style=”no-styling” image_alignment=”inherit” appearing_animation=”0″ disabled_el=”no” ][/wr_image]This week I was asked to write about anti-inflammatory foods. And although this is a very big subject, I’ll try to explain inflammation and give some examples of anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation is part of our body’s defence mechanism and as such has a protective role. Inflammation is an attempt […]

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Probiotics, prebiotics and Antibiotics

Antibiotics are commonly prescribed to combat cases of bacterial infection. As the name already indicates it is anti ‘biotics’ and will kill of bacteria, the bad ones AND the good ones. Antibacterial creams and lotions are used for the same reason; to kill of bacteria on your skin. However, since the skin is your largest […]

The effect of lunch on the cognitive behaviour of children

Many adults suffer from an ‘after noon dip’, it is that time just after lunch and one of the worst timeslots to get if you have to give a presentation to an audience. It makes you wonder that if your children come home with a near full lunch box they might have done themselves a […]


Well, what better way to start the blog for my new website than by describing the goodness of sprouting! Since seeds and nuts are at the beginning of their lifecycle, their energy is fresh and adventurous, making you burst with enthusiasm to explore and develop, and start new things.  This being the first blogs of […]

Susan Stein Nutritionist Brisbane Capalaba Thornlands add adhd autism health alzheimer addiction

How to make a healthy salad

How to make a healthy salad! Start with a strong foundation. First things first: Start by upping the nutritional ante by choosing a base for your salad that provides important nutrients like folic acid and lutein. Give up the iceberg for greens like baby spinach, or a spring mix that includes a variety of dark green […]