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The Philosophy

The Ripple effect of Food’ program is for everyone; for women in the workforce juggling families and careers, men juggling families and careers, anyone who struggle with stress related issues, and anyone who are looking for a natural way to give them that all needed edge.

Nowadays stresses have a huge impact on our health and our mental well-being. And we are not just talking about the stress we encounter with work or family. We are also talking about the stresses our bodies have to endure. The price of fresh food on offer seems to increase but decrease in variety and quality. Sleep is apparently something we do when we are old. How many people feel overwhelmed, or feel the physical effects ongoing stress has on our bodies?

Anxiety, depression, metabolic imbalances, brain fog are all reactions to extreme stress. Only now science started to scrape the surface of the importance of healthy food and proper sleep; something our ancestors already knew but what we seem to have forgotten.

You see, even the smallest change in your eating habits has an effect on how you feel, and how your body and brain functions. It is proven that an apple is a far better option to help you get over that afternoon slump than a ‘skinny large latte’. Eating lunch at your desk, or munching away all day on snacks, flushed away with fizzy drinks will leave your body depleted more than a day’s work ever would do. And picture this, after having an under nourished day at work, how difficult is it going to be to muster energy to listen to your 9 year old describe his day?

Some stress is part of modern lifestyle. And living a life completely without stress is not feasible, or even desirable! But a healthy life style which helps you combat the devastating effects of chronic stress, and set you up to deal with stress instead of increasing it will open up opportunities for you, to live the life you are meant to live.

What I Do

‘The Ripple Effect of Food’ at work! A small selection of recent work activities ‘The Ripple Effect of Food’ was involved in.

Mini Workshop for a mothersgroup in The Netherlands

‘Improve your Brain Power’ presentation with the ‘G8 Ladies’ at Elobor8, Brisbane

‘The Ripple Effect of Food’ is part of the writing team of ‘Towards a better you’ posting blogs on how to improve your lifestyle

Improve your Brainpower at WOTSO Brisbane

‘Improve your Brainpower’ at WOTSO Brisbane

‘PD for parents’ a program to help parents of children with a disability improve their health and that of their children (2017-2018)

‘Efficient Nutrition’ program for the Junior Doctors at the ‘Live Well, Work Well’ retreat, in cooperation with the AMA and MDA National.

Presentation Wynnum Library

‘Cooking with fragrance’ – workshop

Health talk for

Health talk for ‘Alexa & Co – Hairstyles’ Brisbane