Want to be smart? Go slow!

In my previous blog, ‘How stress is wearing us down and what to do about it’ I briefly discussed the effects of stress on our body, making stress a high risk factor for diseases like metabolic syndrome, depression and cardiovascular diseases. Prolonged stress will create a ‘new normal’ causing wear and tear on our organs, […]

How stress is wearing us down, and what to do about it

When people talk about stress we often imagine a workplace around it. Of course, there are many factors in our daily life besides work that cause stress. What is stressful is different for everyone: Whether you are in a relationship or not, both social media statuses can be a cause for stress. Or being a […]

‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a (wo)man healthy, wealthy and wise… ‘ Benjamin Franklin

As much as I appreciate striving for our own individuality, proper nutrition and sleep are 2 basic needs for any living being and that should not be tampered with. However, we are always looking for short cuts in these two areas, and some of us think that their body is unique in only needing 4 […]

7 Tips to survive the Holiday Season

Ah yes, the Holiday season is upon us! Love it or hate it, both can be a reason to overindulge on food and alcohol. To put it in numbers: An English study showed that raising a glass in the holiday’s results in an increase of 12 million bottles of alcohol extra sold, per week that […]

Do you suffer from the ‘Afternoon Productivity Slump’?

There is nothing worse than being at work and suddenly it hits you: The Afternoon Productivity Slump. It seems like many people struggle with it, but at the same time it feels like it is one of those ‘office taboos’. So what exactly is the ‘Afternoon Productivity Slump, does everyone suffers from it, and more […]

Are you like 50 % of the Australian population?

A lot has been written about the importance of breakfast and yet, about half of us do it: skipping breakfast before going to work. The other half mostly eat their breakfast on the run with cereal and milk sharing popularity with a vegemite toast. Despite being popular though, neither of them is adequate enough to […]

Chicken or the egg; Does stress influence your gut or your gut your stress?

In a previous post, So there is a link between stress and nutrition?, I mentioned the impact of stress and nutrition on our health. Besides the physical processes mentioned in the article, most of us recognise the existence of the connection between the gut and the brain, the so called ‘gut-brain-axis. We know that, in […]

The Fruit-box as lifesaver?

A lot of companies opt for a vending machine instead of offering healthy snacks for free, like a ‘fruit-box’. In my previous blog, ‘Pizza is cheaper than salad’, we looked at the real price of meals in canteens. So what are the costs of investing in a vending machine over free fruit offerings to your […]

‘Pizza is cheaper than salad’.. or is it?

Australia has the debatable honour of being the ” fastest growing population” …. Literary. 2 out of 3 adults are overweight, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, depression and some cancers. And the risks of developing these conditions rise exponentially with the numbers on the bathroom scales. But it doesn’t stop there. […]

So there is a link between stress and nutrition?

As a promoter of healthy work environment and assisting employees deal with their stress by adapting to a healthier life style, this question is asked frequently: How (on earth) can food help lower stress among my workforce? There are many processes to deal with stress that are interlinked, but to make a start somewhere, our […]