Mindmap made by the students

Shaping the program!

The connecting between mental wellbeing and nutrition is taking a solid stand in our society. Most people would agree that eating healthy benefits our mental wellbeing and decreases the risk of depression and anxiety. With depression and anxiety on the rise among our youngsters, more and more research is emerging that there is a relationship […]

Mental wellbeing pilot program for high – school kids!

I am really excited about the new pilot program I am running! For a couple of years I have been running workshops and talks on stress. But as a mother of two (young) teenagers, my antenna is more and more aimed at this age-group. And it seemed that there is an increasing number of stories […]

The Fruit-box as lifesaver?

A lot of companies opt for a vending machine instead of offering healthy snacks for free, like a ‘fruit-box’. In my previous blog, ‘Pizza is cheaper than salad’, we looked at the real price of meals in canteens. So what are the costs of investing in a vending machine over free fruit offerings to your […]

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Are health programs a waste of money?

We live in an interesting time, for the first time ever there is so much research available which links lifestyle to morbidity and mortality, where we cannot deny that implementing modifiable factors like nutrition, exercise and self-development, have a positive effect on our (mental) wellbeing. And it doesn’t take much to imagine that adapting these […]

The effect of lunch on the cognitive behaviour of children

Many adults suffer from an ‘after noon dip’, it is that time just after lunch and one of the worst timeslots to get if you have to give a presentation to an audience. It makes you wonder that if your children come home with a near full lunch box they might have done themselves a […]

Susan Stein Nutritionist | Brisbane Nutrition | Nutrition Workshops | Weight Loss | Children's Nutrition

August 12, 2015



Easy Kitchen







Dairy free and gluten free cake

Chocolate Date Slice   2 Cups of dates, sliced 1 cup of almond meal/LSA ¾ cup of buck flour 3 eggs ¼ cup of raw cocoa Baking powder Pinch of salt   Simmer the chopped dates in a little layer of water, until all the water is dissolved, and the dates form a paste-like consistency. […]